To err is human, to admit to mistakes is hard! But I will make every attempt to correct any mistakes/errors/oversights found in my charts. You can find that information here.

Samplings of Lace – Summer 3 – an extra stitch was found by an eagle-eyed stitcher! This is in the lower right “wing” of the design. The red circle indicates where the extra stitch was. It was removed from this image. So, it should be 4 stitches in that row, as shown, instead of 5.

This correction was made on 8/18/2022. The PDFs in my Etsy shop and at Fat Quarter Shop have been updated along with the file at my distributor, ICG.

Stitch Happiness

For those who purchased Stitch Happiness at Stitch Con 2022 or elsewhere prior to 8/29/22, please note that the DMC conversion for CC Antique Lace is not 420 but 3865. The Key has been corrected in all versions of the file.