Grateful – Free Pattern

This little design is my way of saying thank you for all the support you have given me over the weeks as I prepared myself for Needlework Expo 2022, my first wholesale trade show. It was a great show and I feel I did very well for my first time. This wouldn’t have happened if not for you, so this is just one more way I can say thank you.

I charted this in the same silk palette I used for my new design Antonia Rosel y Garcia 1886. I love the faded colorway so much and I knew it would be perfect for this sweet little piece. You will also find a DMC conversion as well. I also stitched it on the same fabric as Antonia, 40 ct Antique Lace by Seraphim Hand-dyed Fabrics. Scrumptious!

I hope you enjoy stitching this little piece and know that I am forever grateful for your support!

40 thoughts on “Grateful – Free Pattern

  1. Thank you Jan. This will be the best pattern for me to practice on 40 count. Love your designs. Thanks again ❤️

  2. Thank you for this lovely pattern. We are grateful to have your beautiful patterns to stitch. Thank you for your work! I need to get a piece of 40 count to stitch this on. As I have never stitched on 40 ct before. 😊❤️

  3. Thanks so much Jan for the Grateful pattern!! I will be stitching your new spanish sampler soon! Best wishes for your continued success!

  4. This is the sweetest chart! I always look forward to a new Flosstube from you – you are such a calming presence. It was nice to see this upclose while you were stitching it and see the beautiful floss colors. Thank you for all your amazing designs!

  5. Beautiful pattern! Thank you. So glad Needlework Expo went well for you, I know it is a tremendous amount of work for you and you are so gracious to think of us in the middle of all of that.

  6. Thank you so much, Jan. The pattern is lovely and I have a wonderful 40ct to use. Well deserved on your debut to the world of cross stitch greats!

  7. Jan, thank you for the pretty pattern. I never stitched on 40 ct., will stitch on a lower count kinder to my eyesight. Congratulations on your success with the expo. I enjoy all your videos.

  8. Such a beautiful pattern. It was so nice of you to give it to us. I can hardly wait to start it. Congratulations on your success.

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