Holiday Gift Extravaganza 2021 – My Gift to You

Hello my dear friend! Jan, of Jan Hicks Creates here, and we have come to the end of my Holiday Gift Extravaganza for 2021. It has been a wonderful two weeks of sharing, laughing, crying and yes, giving. As I am sure you know, my thoughts, and questions, this year centered around my new home, and what home means to me and to each of you. I asked questions about your holiday traditions as well as more every day things like what is your morning routine and what is a quick, easy meal everyone in your family enjoys. I thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and memories with me. That is what makes this time so special.

As a last little thank you for spending time with me, I am offering this Quakeresque design. While you can certainly stitch this in the color I’ve chosen, I encourage you to change the colors to whatever will coordinate with your home.

I am stitching this on 28 ct Lugana in Ice Blue with a silk floss from Hand-dyed Fibers called Rubbed Darkest Mermaid. I hope you enjoy stitching this, that it makes you think about what you love about your home, and that you will tag me to show me your work @janhickscreates #janhickscreates

You will find the Download link button below. Love you, and I will talk to you soon!

22 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Extravaganza 2021 – My Gift to You

  1. Thank you for the wonderful pattern, just the right thing I have been looking for , I have a dear friend who is moving into her new home in January. I so enjoyed your Holiday Extravaganza this year, so many topics, so many memories that were nudged to the front. Christmas is a wonderful time for remembering everything that makes us who we have become in this life. Thank you, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

  2. Quaker designs are among my favourites. This design is beautiful and I would like to thank you for your generosity.

  3. Thank you so much for the pattern. And, thank you for ALL your SUPER helpful Floss Tubes and Tutorials. I have been trying to search through your videos for your one covering your joining the The Cross Stitch Guild that Jane Greenoff started. Can you tell me what number of your Floss Tube videos it is? I started to watch it, but couldn’t complete it. I hope you can help me. You are an AMAZING instructor and stitcher! Thank you VERY much for all that you have shared! Shelley in Colorado

    1. Oh goodness, Shelley! I wish I could tell you that I keep better notes and that I was immediately able to search and find which video it was in, but I’m afraid that’s not the case. I’m so sorry. I can tell you that I am pretty sure that was while I was in Hawaii, so that might narrow it down a bit, but I’m not really sure.
      Sorry I’m not more help!

      1. Thank you for trying. I will check out the videos from Hawaii. I am not sure what numbers they are, but I will search. You are SUCH a great instructor. I have learned a lot from you! Right now I am looking at your #1 Flosstube! I will for sure tell my husband about YOUR husband’s books! He may have already read them! Thank you again, you are such an inspiration to me! And, I love your hair!!! (I am way older than you and don’t color my hair).

  4. Hi Jan! I am getting ready to stitch Sing a Sampler with the color conversion, or close to it. I am excited to make this for someone who LOVES the Sound of Music!
    I want to stitch it like the color conversion looks, with 2 rows of 4 blocks, and the words at top and bottom. I am having a hard time finding the total stitch count and what size fabric to use. (is it 383×73?) I will stitch on 14 or 28 count. Thanks for anything you can offer.

    1. Hi Holli! So sorry for the delay in responding. I am not at home right now, so can’t look at the pattern, but I believe she does say how long it would be to have them all in a row, and what I did was just divide that in half, and then double the height. Does that make sense?

  5. Jan, I searched more and found what I was looking for on Flosstube #65, I believe. It was so fun having you go through the catalogue.? Did you continue your subscription to the Cross Stitch Guild? The patterns and kits are amazing, but they can get to be pricey changing from pounds yo dollars AND the overseas shipping. Anyway, I thought you’d like to know the number of your Flosstube that covered what I had asked you about. Thanks again. I enjoy you VERY (and so do A LOT of others!!!)

    1. So glad you found what you were looking for! No, I didn’t continue my membership for just that reason. I do still get their monthly newsletter and am tempted every single time, but have yet to pull the trigger on anything. So many pretty things to stitch!

  6. I love this pattern. I’m a cross stitch lover from way back and on a seriously tight budget thanks to COVID that struck me in July 2021. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness and making this lovely pattern available for free. May God continue to bless you.

  7. I just downloaded “This is Home”. Can’t wait to stitch it. It looks beautiful. Thank you Jan. Thinking I will do the 2 blues and a touch of yellow for my dining room.

  8. Thank you so much for the freebie. This Is Home is beautiful and I want to put it in the entrance of my house. You are most generous.

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