Ukrainian Cross Stitch Designers on Etsy

There are so many amazing Ukrainian designers on Etsy, but I know that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and how to find them. I decided to compile a list of some of the Ukrainian Cross Stitch designers who really stood out to me, but there are more!

StitchyPrincess –

MiKaStitchDesign –

OhMyStitchesShop –

MiyaStitch –

PatternsSAStitch –

NataleeAlexDIY –

LKACrossStitch –

2x2StitchArt –

XCrossStitchPatternX –

DMCrossStitch –

AwesomePatternStudio –

Cute Patterns by Maria –

If you’d like to explore other Ukrainian designers on Etsy, follow these steps (this works in both the app and on in a browser):

  1. In the search bar, search on Cross Stitch pattern digital
  2. When the search results appear, there is a Filter button in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on that, and towards the middle of the options, you will see Shop Location. Choose Custom and type in Ukraine.
  3. Tap the Apply button at the bottom of the Options menu.
  4. Scroll, browse and buy to your heart’s content!

The photos show the patterns I bought. Enjoy browsing!

6 thoughts on “Ukrainian Cross Stitch Designers on Etsy

  1. Thank you Jan. So important to reach out to our friends at this time so they know they have our support. 💕 Praying that this resolves and more lives are not lost. Such a sad time. Stay safe

  2. Thank you for this. I just bought a digital pattern from CrossStitch Pictorial on Etsy (the owner is from Kyiv) and was wondering how to find out which other designers are from the Ukraine to support them at this difficult time.

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