Flosstube #2 by Jan Hicks Creates

I’m having fun with my Flosstube videos and hope to do many more. I’m finding that I talk about so many things in them, though, that I often leave out the details of some of the projects. So I’ve decided to use my blog as a place to capture all of those details, as well as more photos of my projects. I hope you enjoy looking around!

History of Sheep  by Jardin Prive, a four part sampler focused on….wait for it….sheep! I am doing this on a 36 ct. linen. The color name is parchment, but I do not know the company name. This is a nice, crisp linen and I’m really enjoying stitching on it! While I am using DMC, I have changed some of the colors, mostly the stems and leaves of the flowers, because I wanted to use more greenish colors rather than the gold-leaning colors recommended in the charts. I have substituted 935 in place of 830 and 469 in place of 370.

Modern Folk Embroidery Four Seasons MSAL This is such a fun one, and I am certain it’s going to be stunning when it’s done. I have developed a fascination with Quaker samplers, and this is scratching that itch deliciously. I am using a 40 ct linen from Lakeside Linen in color Flagstone. This is another nice, crisp linen. It has a wonderful hand, but it is a bit of a challenge for these old eyes to stitch on. I got a magnifier that you wear around your neck, and while it works fairly well, it does have a tendency to block my light and wiggle around. I may try more powerful readers to see if that works better.

This sampler is charted to be stitched in one color, but that’s impossible for me. I’m using 5 colors of Gentle Arts Sampler Threads – Wrought Iron is the navy blue for the outlines. The other colors are Picket Fence, Crystal Lake, Liberty, and Morning Glory.

The older projects I showed were the Amish Scene from Cross Stitch and Country Craft Magazine. I am not sure of the issue, but it would have come out in 1987, I believe.


Jacobean Bellpull by Sue Lentz Needlework

A Gathering of Hearts by The Trilogy

Heirloom Birth Sampler by The Victoria Sampler (forgive all of my pictures on this one. I just love it!) BTW, you can click on any of these pictures to see the full-sized image.

An old Just Nan piece. I need to see if I can find this one.

New Purchases

Whitework in Colour – I am going to learn how to do this, and am thinking about doing this as Stitch with me videos. Let me know if this is something you’d like to see me do.


My Knitting Projects

I finished my Las Cruces Shawl by Laura Nelkin from Knockout Knits. This has been in hibernation for a long time. I started it in 2015. So happy to finally have this finished!

My photo assistant, Sasha

My “I need to do this in a quiet room knitting project, Lace Mash Up by Laura Nelkin.

My “I can work on this while talking or watching TV” knitting project, Flowsaic Shawl, also by Laura Nelkin.


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If you would like to see more of my knitting projects, you can find them here on My Ravelry Project Page.


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  1. I found Flosstube a few months back. A knitter, crocheter, stitcher and fellow Odentonite. Enjoying your videos and blog so much and all your beautiful stitching.

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