Flosstube #45

Check out CZookStitch and her wonderful fabric choice for Harbor Haven. It’s going to be magnificent!

Flosstube #45

Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” – Aberjhani

A review of my Birthday Bash 2019 new starts:

  1. Aloha – 28 ct = 2 over 2  using same hand-dyed blue as Harbor Haven. Pattern can be found in April 2019 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine.
  2. Peonies – 32 ct unkn creamy/yellow linen – Stitched 2 over 2
  3. Spring door (Sweet Home – Spring) all four doors – 1 over 1 on 25 ct.- fabric
  4. Aloha Hawaii by Jeanette Douglas – 30 ct murano with some of the called for silks as well as some substitutions of cotton hand-dyed floss. If you’re interested in getting this pattern, you can email Jeannette at info@jeannettedouglas.com.
  5. Om – Indian Elephant – 28 ct. Dense Fog Jobelan  stitchisn’t 2 over 2.  This link is to an Etsy shop called LoLaLottaShop. If you have never been to that shop, I highly recommend you get a drink of your favorite beverage and spend some time browsing through the hundreds of gorgeous patterns! Gorgeous designs from many Russian designers!
  6. Guiding Star Lighthouse kit – 30 ct fabric from Jackson Fabric Arts on Etsy. Stitching over 2.
  7. Pretty Little Hawaii by Satsuma Street – Using same fabric as Pretty Little India  36 ct. white linen
  8. Ranunculus Bouquet Punch Needle by Michelle PalmeR
  9. Lila’s Studios Seasons – Summer – using all the called for fabric and flosses
  10. Green on Green by Rosewood Manor – 32 ct. burnt bronze fabric from Under the Sea Fabrics and 3 colors of Silks4U floss. See my Color Conversion page for details on the silk colors.
  11. Fractal 705 Bookmark – stitched on 28 ct. evenweave 1 over 1. This is March’s free pattern. I don’t know how long these remain available.

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