Stitch Maynia 2018 Day 24

Today’s start was the sweet design from Plum Street Sampler called Woolemina. I am using some Victorian Motto Sampler Threads in this, which actually seems to be true of a lot of my starts for Maynia. The colors used in this are similar to what I’m using for Spring Jack and Blackberry House, two other Plum Street Sampler designs I’ve started for Stitch Maynia.

I feel like I got a bunch done on this, mostly because I stitch into the evening, too, instead of knitting. There’s still quite a bit to go, of course, but I am loving each little stitch on this one!

The top picture shows the colors more accurately than the bottom.

Here are the color changes I’ve made so far:

Victorian Motto Sampler Threads (VMST) in place of Classic Colorworks (CC) Bunny Honey
Gentle Arts Sampler Threads (GAST) in place of CC Pine Needles
VMST Glorious Pinks in place of CC Blushing Beauty
VMST Holland Tulips in place of CC Persimmon
VMST Tahitial Floral in place of CC Cinnamon Toast
I’m using the called for DMC, and the DMC in place of CC Hickory Sticks. I haven’t decided yet what I’m using for CC Weeping Willow. I’ll note that addition when I finish this beauty.

But this is being put aside for now, and tomorrow, I’ll be pulling out my beautiful Chatelaine Taj Mahal Mandala Garden. See you then!

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