Stitch Maynia 2018 Day 25

Day 25 saw me working on the gorgeous Chatelaine pattern Taj Mahal Mandala Garden. It has been about a year since I have picked it up, so it was a real pleasure to work on it again.

I am currently working on the satin stitches around the center square. According to the chart, these should be done in the Woven Scotch stitch. I found this stitch rather difficult, and quite frankly, I love the way the silks glow in the satin stitch, so that’s what I’m doing. I worked the satin stitches using  a trolley needle, which helps  the stitches to lay flat and evenly on the fabric.

I have a lot more work to do on this. Once Stitch Maynia is over, I plan to work on this on the weekends until it’s finished. Remember, to see a larger image, simply click on the picture.

Tomorrow, on to a simpler pattern! Summer Row by Bent Creek.










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