Two years ago, I made the popular cardigan Hitofude, but I hardly ever wear it because it turned out rather small.


So I was pleased to get a chance to make another one, even if it was for the store. This time, however, it was going to be longer…much longer. In collaboration with Prism yarns, we had created gradient kits with Prism’s Merino Mia fingering weight yarn. These gradient kits have over 1500 yards in them, plenty for a nice sweater. I had seen a long Hitofude, and knew this was the perfect pattern for this yarn.

Knitting Hitofude is a breeze. It’s really just the same lace pattern, repeated over and over and over….and over and over….again. The shaping is interesting, but not difficult, and the result is a fun piece that’s easy to wear.

As I mentioned, this one was a sample for the store. But I will be making one of these for myself in the not too distant future!

3 thoughts on “Hitofude

  1. Hi Jan! Hope your enjoying your summer! I am going to start the hitofude cardigan now. Went to your site to remember what color to start with. Does the pattern start knitting from top down? If so, then grey would be worked first. I noticed your picture of you blocking your cardigan. What are you using on the sleeves for blocking them?
    What project are you working now? Take care!
    Leslie O’Malley

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