Needles, needles and more needles!

As an addicted knitter, I not only collect yarn, I collect needles. I have LOTS of needles! Interchangeable sets, fixed needles, multiple Signature tips and cable assemblies, double points, I have them all. And so do many of you, I know. One question I get asked a lot by our customers at A Good Yarn is what’s the best way to store circular needles. While I may not have the best way, after trying several different methods, I have found a great system that works for me.

One of my main problems is putting needles back in their places after I finish a project. I am so eager to start the next knitting project, I set the needles on a shelf in my closet and start putting together my next project. After several iterations of this, I have a pile of needles on my shelf and a tangled mess of cables. This means that I need a system that makes it easy to reorganize my needles after every use. One day, Susan, the owner of A Good Yarn, mentioned what she uses – a hanging divider. So off I went to Etsy to find one.

It didn’t take me long to find the perfect one. These beautiful hand-sewn items are from Buttermilk Cottage.

This answered my needs perfectly. It can hold a ton of needles! There’s a slot for every size and they are easily accessible. I used a Sharpie to write the numbers next to each slot. This hangs on a hanger in my closet and makes it so easy for me to find the right needle, and more importantly, to put it back away when I’m done with it.

But what about interchangeable needles sets, you ask? I found this from the same Etsy store. This holds both my interchangeable tips and my double points.

circular needle storage
This also hangs from a hanger and has numerous pockets. I labeled the pockets with the needle size again. The top row is the needle tips in those sizes and the middle row is my double points. The bottom row is tips again. At this point, I have no double point sets in the larger sizes. If I ever get any, I will put them in with the tips.

I don’t differentiate between needle brands here, only sizes. So, my Knit Picks sets, Royale, Chiagoo and Signatures are all stored in the same pocket  according to size. I often keep my Chiagoo needle sizer in the bottom right pocket so it’s handy.

I keep the cables for my interchangeable sets in a little zippered pouch.

Each pocket holds a different size cable – 24″, 32″, 40″, with 47″ and 60″ stored in the bottom pocket. Again, I’ve written the size on the pocket with a Sharpie. This system isn’t quite as easy to put away, but it does keep the cables tamed and easily accessible. I do keep my Signature cables separated in a little bag for each needle size.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for organizing your own needles. Did I happen to mention, I have a LOT of needles!

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