I think I’ll try weaving

It’s all Pinterest’s fault. I happened across some interesting woven wall-hangings and before you know it, I was searching for more, looking an tapestries, and finding free-form wall-hangings incorporating beads, sticks, seashells and more. Yes! I have to try that! After all, I have plenty of yarn to experiment with!

So here I am. I’ve finished my first weaving and I’m quite pleased. Now, I’m lucky to work with a woman who has been weaving for years and teaches it at A Good Yarn. We also sell all kinds of weaving supplies, so it was easy to get the basics. I sat down with Laura last Monday and got started.


From there, I just played. I had looked at so much on Pinterest at that point, that I knew what I wanted to try. I didn’t know the names of anything, tools or techniques, but I knew what looks I wanted to go for. Turns out, I did hatching, pick and pick, soumak and curved weaving.


I also added beads, but I have since read about a better method for adding beads, so I’ll be trying that soon. I also plan on weaving with leather to see if that works.


As you can see from the way the edges curve in and out, I need to work a bit on my tension. But overall I’m pleased with how this turned out and I can’t wait to try more!

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